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This weekend marks our first wedding of 2015. There’s some extra excitement surrounding this one, as we’ll be traveling to Kamloops, BC for the I do’s, though most of all, because the groom is my cousin! Growing up, we took many a road trip to spend time with our family up there. It was actually Kaleb who helped me purchase my very first digital SLR camera. Now with the honor of being his wedding photographer, I’m so thrilled!

Kaleb couldn’t have asked a better girl to spend forever with. These two have already been together for almost as long as we can remember, and together – and apart – Kaleb and Sherry are very much loved by us all. Here’s to them becoming husband and wife!


Their story spans 16 years, going back to when Carley was just 14 years old. They dated and, like most relationships when you’re young, it didn’t last forever. Chayse and Carley went their separate ways, yet remained friends. Years went by until their paths crossed again, on a little thing called Facebook. The timing was now right, and their past relationship rekindled. Now, two daughters and five+ years later, their older, wiser, and deeper relationship will take on the forever title when Chayse makes Carley his wife this August.

We met up in Fort Langley this past weekend, where Chayse proposed to Carley when they were expecting their first child. Their two adorable girls, Makayla and Adrianna, joined us for a few family photos to begin our session…


Many thanks, Carley and Chayse, for a wonderful afternoon and for allowing me to document your love. Can’t wait for your wedding this summer!

Home has always been where my boys are and as of last week, that officially became our new house in Washington! I received my immigrant visa, got the stamp, and now am a U.S. resident. Which also means I can accept work down here; oh so grateful and excited for new opportunities! A long and, at times, trying journey has ended and a new chapter is already beginning. We owe a heart felt thank you to my parents for letting us call their place (our second) home during the in between time. It was actually pretty sweet to be able to share that time with them and watch Zaya’s bond with Grandma and Grandpa grow. But now that we’re home full time, we’re hoping everyone will get a little more rest throughout the night!

I had been talking for months about having family photos taken around our place, and this past weekend seemed the perfect time…Thanks to my sister for taking these of us. I’ll often set up the camera settings and the shot, but after all the experience she’s had doing this with us, Whitney, maybe there’s potential for a career shift? ;)


  • Austyn Elizabeth - May 12, 2015 - 5:42 pm

    Congrats Mikaela!!! And welcome! So excited for you to be able to shoot more beautiful people here in the states!ReplyCancel

  • Jermaine Naidoo - May 29, 2015 - 2:26 am

    Amazing pictures! Mikaela you are truly talented.ReplyCancel