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Mother’s Day marked four weeks since we met our newest little one – a girl! Ava Ruth, born on April 10 in the wee hours of the morning, weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces. Meeting her will always be one of my favourite moments. The labor itself was an experience I already enjoy thinking back on…I felt so in tune with this baby who was making their way out into the world. When she was born, I immediately took her all in with my eyes and with my hands, and was over the moon to learn we now had a daughter!

These past few weeks have been fuller than I can describe…full of diapers, of kisses, of wakeful nights…full of snuggles, of rocking, of nursing…full of messes, of juggling and full of love. Overall, Ava makes our home feel fuller in the best of ways. It’s like she’s a piece to our family that had been missing. And it’s incredibly sweet to see the love that Zaya has for her, and that protective big brother instinct as he watches out for her and dotes upon her.

We’re just so thankful for this perfect little gift, and can’t wait to see the girl she becomes…though we’ll take all the newborn snuggles and kisses we can before she does too much growing up! Love you so much, Ava baby…


Arvi and Doris’ engagement session marked the end of a busy month wrapping up shoots before baby comes. I couldn’t think of a better way to do this, than on a beautiful, sunny morning, walking through the blossoms at VanDusen Garden, documenting an engagement. And I might have swooned just a little upon meeting these two, when I laid eyes on Doris’ pretty tulle skirt and heels.

They’ll be saying I do this Fall at the Stanley Park Tea House in an intimate wedding, and I couldn’t be more excited or grateful to be their photographer. Thank you so much, Arvi and Doris, for a wonderful time taking these photos…here are a few of my favorites…


If I’m being honest, I’m a lot more excited to meet this baby than I was when pregnant with Isaiah. Now I know how it feels to cuddle your baby close, skin to skin, breathing in their sweet, soft scent, and hear their tiny noises. I know what it’s like to fall in love with your child, and be amazed at every little thing they do.

Of course, the not-so-sweet reality comes along with it…the reality of a drug-free labor and delivery, the reality of round the clock feedings and diaper changes, and the reality of little sleep. For those reasons (and more), along with the addition of a toddler this time around, I entered this pregnancy with a little less excitement than the first…if I’m still being honest. But completely grateful and happy, yes. Now we’re coming ever nearer to the due date, and I just want to meet this little one. I can’t wait to know if Isaiah have a little brother or little sister. And this time around, we’ll be settled in our house, and not selling/showing our condo and building/packing/moving with a newborn!

Life is still busy, of course, and at 37 weeks along, I’m feeling the pressure to be ready. One more shoot and I’ll be wrapping up work until June, and then it’s time to nest! Nest! Nest! And get in all the one-on-one snuggles with my first born…who will still always be my baby.


37 weeks at Easter…and butterfly kisses from my sweet boy…


  • Jamie Delaine - March 31, 2016 - 10:35 am

    You look so beautiful and I loved reading this post!! Love that you got to wear that dress again so soon! ;)ReplyCancel

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