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I felt the warmth of the sun on my shoulders, powder sand beneath my feet, heard the soft lap of the waves and squeals of delight from my kids. Palm trees lined the beach and in the distance was the iconic view of Diamond Head. In that moment, I nearly melted in a pool of happiness.

It was our first vacation as a family of four, and introducing our two favorite people to our favorite vacation spot, Oahu, was so fun. We booked the trip last minute as an opportunity came up that we couldn’t pass by, and soon we were getting settled in our Honolulu condo and getting acquainted with its roof top pool(!) and nearby beaches. There were plenty of “is this real life?” moments, and then other days came with their reality checks of course. There are still dishes and laundry to be done, as well as sleepless nights and tantrums, in Hawaii – who would’ve thought ;) But the joy Zaya had as he splashed in the water, 0r the wonder Ava experienced as she sifted sand through her fingers, was beautiful. It’s my hope that these memories will be some of the first that Zaya will always recall.

It’s also my hope that we’ll get to return here, again and again (and again! ha), and continue to make more vacation memories as a family. It’s quite something to get to escape the everyday for a place so idyllic, and then return home happy and rested and find yourself grateful for all the little things you often take for granted. It’s something I’m oh so thankful to get to experience.

Ala Moana beach park was just a few minutes down the road from our condo, and was perfect for Ava and Zaya…

Play hard, nap hard

I’m not sure he’s ever had so much fun! Zaya was definitely in his element, and it was so fun to see and be a part of…

Lanikai Beach…I was so glad to return here…

Our one family shot! It’s not perfect but we’re all in there, and happy :)

Like Zaya would say, one-two babies!

Until next time…xo