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Happy First Birthday, Ava

Happy Birthday, my sweet baby girl! Just like that, you’re one. I love going back to the moment we finally met face to face, because it was full of pure joy, one of the happiest moments of my life. Since then, you’ve grown and learned and changed so much in a year, but you continually make me a happy mama. You are such a delight, and a bright, little light. You’re a pretty content, happy baby that really only gets thrown by hunger (who doesn’t! and you love to eat!), and by teething. Ohhhh teething. You didn’t cut your first tooth until you were ten months old, and since then you’ve been making up for lost time. I guess you realized you could use some to properly enjoy your birthday cake.

I love how you light up at the sound of Zaya or Daddy’s voices. They love you to bits and you adore them. Your first real, big laugh was for Grandpa and it was the sweetest thing, you just wouldn’t stop! I love how you say mama, how you nuzzle into my neck, and get a kick out of giving me nose kisses. Actually, you’re very good at giving kisses. You’re a busy little girl who loves climbing stairs, and walking! You took your first step about three weeks ago, and now you’re just about running. You have a busy brother to keep up with, so maybe that explains it.

I remember how you just filled our home when you were born, even though you were so new and small. We felt even more like a family. Zaya has been smitten with you from the start, and even though he’s still learning the word “gentle”, I’m sure you’ll give him a run for his money when you’re big enough. Watching you two together, whether it’s cuddles in bed, excited smiles as you see each other again upon waking in the morning, Zaya giving you a hug and proclaiming “best baby ever!!”, or you two holding hands as Zaya has helped you learn to walk…it’s oh so special.

Ava, we love you so much! We couldn’t imagine our family without you, and we wish you the happiest first birthday, sweet, sweet girl.

Just hours old xoxo

When I was born, I came home from the hospital in this sleeper :)

Your first bath

Hair Bow: Rose and Doll

Photo by my friend Jen at Blush Sky Photography


Hair Bow: Arrow and Lace Designs
Mocs: Minimoc

You have so much love for your cousin Luka! This was taken the day you three were dedicated at church.

One of my favorite photos. Ever.

  • Jillian Tree - April 10, 2017 - 11:05 am

    Happy Birthday to her, she’s adorable!! That photo of her & dad in the snow is EVERYTHING <3ReplyCancel

  • Marie-Laure - April 11, 2017 - 3:43 am

    You have such a nice family. I really enjoys following the Bradleys’ family adventures through the internetReplyCancel

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