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Summertime Celebrating

Summer used to mean sleeping in, watching Price is Right, playing outside, going to the lake, and endless amounts of time in which to do all this and more. Now that we’re all grown up, summer means other things. Like to do lists, responsibility, sitting behind a desk while the sunshine beckons. But sometimes it’s still possible to catch some of that magic that summer used to bring…and when you get a piece of what summer used to feel like, it is a pretty good feeling.

This past week of celebrating two holidays, Canada Day and Independence Day, allowed for that. I love that we get to celebrate both, and I’m proud of being in a family with heritage in both countries. And then I went and married a guy with dual citizenship so he fits right in ;) This year, The Fourth was made a little more sweet in that I’ve started the process for my Green Card. But more on those (exciting!) plans later…

This was Canada Day via my iPhone. In all of its 100-degrees-with-the-humidity glory. It was spent entirely in my parents’ backyard soaking up the sun, enjoying the shade, running through the sprinkler, eating good food and reading. Lots of reading.

Then came The Fourth and all of its red, white and blue. There were bicycle rides, hot dogs for roasting, mom’s homemade potato salad, fireworks for miles, and plenty of other good ol’ fashion fun with family and friends.



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