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happy (healthy) new year!

Never wish for your husband to stay home from work at the expense of getting sick. I did that, jokingly of course. It was a suggestion I made so that Shane wouldn’t have to go away over Christmas holidays, and two hours later he began to feel not so hot. A chest infection. But I had it coming to me…for in return for wishing sickness upon my poor husband, I was given the flu for Christmas. Yay us! I even got a Vick’s VapoRub massage because there’s still room for romance between the trails of Kleenex…

But that was last week. It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m determined that we ring in 2013 with a little more sparkle and a lot less chicken noodle soup. And if I was the New Year’s resolution making type, I would resolve to have a healthier 2013.


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