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We danced around the bride and sang songs, any song we could think of, children’s church songs even…”I’ve got joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!”  If you went to Sunday School as a kid, you know the one ;)  Anxiety melted away and was replaced with just that – joy.  And anticipation at what was to come in the next few moments…Bonny was going to marry her love, her Adam, in the most beautiful ceremony under a big, old tree, symbolizing deep roots and a strong foundation.  Like their deeply rooted love for their Lord, like the foundation they have in Him.

Bonny made a stunning entrance as she crossed the field, met by her father half way, who led her down the aisle to give her away.  Us girls stood beside her, her bridesmaids and maid of honour, as Bonny vowed her love to Adam, while also promising to “go backpacking with him.  With a backpack.  At least once in their life together.”  In Adam’s moving words to Bonny, he had also promised to carry her shopping bags…clearly, they really love each other.

And when they were pronounced husband and wife and Mumford & Sons’ “She Said Yes” rang out, then we really danced with joy at the union of Mr and Mrs Adam Wormald!

For a peek at the wedding photos, be sure to watch Elle&R’s Facebook feed.  These guys are amazing at what they do and I can’t wait to see!

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