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Pray for Rowan

Remember this couple? Freshly married, with a world of hopes and dreams before them, excited to build a life together.

Still in the first year of their marriage, they are in desperate need of our prayers. Lori and Jeremy are expecting their first child…a little boy. Rowan. What should be a joyful time has been difficult, but the latest news has been more than devastating.

“The tech quickly moves to his heart. The screen only shows two beating chambers. I sit there with tears welling up in my eyes…knowing from biology there should be four. I look at the cardiologist and he looks at me, and for a moment time freezes. “There is a problem with the baby’s heart.”

A heart. A tiny little heart. The heart of my son.”

Lori has a beautiful way with words and they grace her own blog and deserve to be read, so click on the link below to read their story and learn how you can pray for their family.

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