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Things I Love Thursday

Laughter. Laughing out loud. Laughing until you’ve got a new set of abs, until your face hurts, or you think you might just lose it. I love when I can catch it with my camera, that moment of complete, uninhibited joy. I love it when a movie makes you laugh out loud or when the guy sitting a few rows back laughs in such a way as to make you laugh that much harder.

In light of this, for this instalment of things I love thursday, here are a couple fitting images from two posts that are waiting to be blogged:

If you’re a Facebook fan, you’ve probably already seen a sneak peek of these two. I hate that I haven’t blogged the full post yet! But I’m seriously having a hard time narrowing down a selection to share :) Soon, very soon…like, tomorrow…

And then there’s this girl! I love her to pieces and can’t wait to edit through the photos from our session the other morning!

Happy Thursday everyone :)

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